Training overview

Explore trading strategies: You will learn statistical modeling and data processing, for example, time series analysis and regression. Momentum strategy and mean reversion strategy will be analyzed.

Backtest strategies: You will learn an excellent backtesting tool.

Go live trading: This part will focus on Interactive Brokers API. You will learn how to get real time stock / forex / futures data and place live orders.

Features of IBridgePy

1. Trade ANY securities/commodities in ANY counties that Interactive Brokers offers, including stocks, futures, options, ETFs, etc.

2. LIVE trade your strategies from Quantopian without changes.

3. Manager multiple IB accounts using one connection

4. Make High Frequency Trading (HFT) happen

Rent-a-Coder Helps!

Many traders and investors have magnificent trading strategies and they want to move to fully automated trading or partially automated trading. We can help to build customized automated trading programs.

We can help to build a trading signal alert system / stock screeners so that you won't miss investment opportunities at markets.

No project is too big or too small for us.
Customer satisfactions are our top priority!