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IBridgePy update information on 5/17/2017

The latest update of IBridgePy was on 5/17/2017 The added new features are as follows: Add tif=’DAY’ in MarketOrder, LimitOrder, StopOrder Time in force (TIF)¬†is a special instruction used when placing a trade to indicate how long an order will

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Do you have any feature for scheduling? Which would be similar to Quantopian schedule_function?

No. The main products that quantopian trades are US equities and they have clear market open and close time. Therefore, quantopian provides schedule_function either before market opens or after market closes. In IBridgePy, you can trade any securities or commodities

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Remote connection to IB gateway

Special thanks to user of geeeeeeek ! The original question was raised by¬†geeeeeeek and it was answered by her/him later. The original question was “Instead of localhost connection, can we connect IB gateway remotely?” The answer is YES. In,

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