Month: June 2017

Export historical data and save them to csv files

Apparently, you cannot do it using Quantopian or zipline. But you can get historical data from Interactive Brokers and save them to csv files using IBridgePy easily.  Also, you can specify a datetime in past as the ending time of the

Is it possible to ignore or block error messages?

It is possible ignore or black error messages in IBridgePy but it is NOT recommended to do so because you may miss some of the most important information from IB. Also, you may need to see the error messages to

How to retrieve the whole option chains from IB using IBridgePy?

As an example, the following code can be used to know the available futures of E-mini S&P 500. “xx” in the code represents the expiry of the futures. def initialize(context): request_data(contractDetails=[symbol(‘FUT,ES,USD,xx’)]) def handle_data(context, data): print[symbol(‘FUT,ES,USD,xx’)].contractDetails exit() Another example is provided

Great News: IBridgePy on Python 3 is available !

Dear IBridgePy users, Thank you very much for your interest in IBridgePy. We are working very hard to make IBridgePy the easiest Python tool to trade with Interactive Brokers. As promised, we are delighted to announce that IBridgePy on Python