Month: July 2017

IBridgePy update on 7/27/2017

The IBridgePy has been updated on 7/27/2017. The major updates include: Added an input parameter of orderRef into the function of order and order_target. orderRef can be used to label and track the orders that are placed by different strategies

IBridgePy update on 7/13/2017

The IBridgePy has been updated on 7/13/2017. The major updates include: Fixed the bug of  KeyError: ‘last_price’ Updated data.current: The sequence of securities in the output pandas Series/DataFrame is same as the input sequence of securities, which is in line

Great News: Run Quantopian algorithms using IBridgePy

Dear IBridgePy users, We are very excited to tell everyone that IBridgePy can run Quantopian algorithms with NO or minimum changes. Many of you may have noticed that the IBridgePy documentation have  been updated with many functions that behave very similar