Month: September 2017

IBridgePy starts to support order_percent in Quantopian now

Dear IBridgePy users, IBridgePy starts to support order_percent(security, amount, style=OrderType) now for version 1.20170920 For details, please check out Other updates: The bug related to schedule_function is fixed. Thanks to jakemoilanen for reporting the bug The bug related to handle_calendar is

Free debug serivce

Dear IBridgePy users, Due to increased number of users who are willing to migrating from Quantopian to IBridgePy, we are glad to offer FREE debug services to make the migration process easier. The scope of this free debug services are

Release note and version number

Dear IBridgePy users, We really appreciate thomas2004ch for his/her comments on missing release notes and version number. To address this issue, we have built a dedicated webpage to announce release notes about IBridgePy. . The related release notes will not be