More Quantopian functions are supported by IBridgePy !

Dear IBridgePy users,

We know that migrating from Quantopian to IBridgePy is not an easy task so that we work very hard to support as many Quantopian functions as possible. From IBridgePy version 2.20171012, order_value ( ), order_target_percent ( ), order_target_value ( ) and record ( ) are supported by IBridgePy and you can use these functions as in Quantopian without any changes!

Also, we changed context.portfolio.positions so that it behaves in IBridgePy as same as it does in Quantopian.

By the way, IBrigePy for Mac and IBridgePy for Ubuntu come back after some improvements.

Please contact with us at if you find some functions are not exactly that same as in Quantopian. We would love to change them.

Have a nice day !

IBridgePy team

9 comments on “More Quantopian functions are supported by IBridgePy !
  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    The more your API nears QuantOpian, the more people will use your API.

  3. David Qi says:

    Good progress, I successfully made the first real money deal by IBridgePY API yesterday.

  4. Walle says:

    So Easy to get “errorId = -1, errorCode = 2105”.So it will exit the trade. And “trade_target_value” is wrong, looks like “trade_target” in Mac. Still thank for you jobs.

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