New IBridgePy release 2.20171104

Dear IBridgePy users:

IBridgePy has a new release 2.20171104

I would like to introduce some changes that a lot of users are interested in.

  1. show_real_time_price will not show any negative number anymore. Some users reported strange behaviors of order ( ) and order_target ( ) and they might be related to the default price of -1. In the new release, it won’t become a potential issue any more. However, IBridgePy will terminate if the real time prices are not available for any reasons when the real time price requests are made.
  2. Users reported that errorCode = 2105 caused the termination of IBridgePy. It is an error related to user’s internet connection and re-connection to IB server can be made automatically. So, IBridgePy will treat errorCode of 2105 as a warning instead of a critical error from this release.

Please let us know if you have any issues. As always, you are welcome to take the advantages of our Free Debug Service.


IBridgePy team

3 comments on “New IBridgePy release 2.20171104
  1. thomas2004ch says:

    Thanks for your work!

    To the point 2 about errorCode = 2105:
    >>…and re-connection to IB server can be made automatically…

    Do you mean if I got such error and my algo is broken, I don’t need to do anything but just wait for its re-connection?

  2. walle says:

    Where to donate money? Very good project.

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