Sample code: Implementing moving average crossover strategy using IBridgePy

Moving average crossover strategy is one of the popular strategies that lots of traders have paid attention to. The details of the strategy is described at Wikipedia.

In a short summary of moving average crossover strategy, the trend of the security is going up when the fast moving average line cross over the slow moving average line from the lower area and it is a signal about long positions.

In the following example, the code calculates the moving average of 5 (fast moving average line) and 15 (slow moving average line) at 15:59:00 US Eastern time, 1 min before the market closes, on every trading day. It places an order of SPY, ETF tracking S&P 500, when the fast moving average line starts to cross over the slow moving average line and exits the positions when crossover happens in the opposite direction.

The code can be backtested at because IBridgePy can run most of the strategies posted at Quantopian without any changes.

If you need any help to live trader your codes from Quantopian, please contact with us at



# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
There is a risk of loss in stocks, futures, forex and options trading. Please
trade with capital you can afford to lose. Past performance is not necessarily 
indicative of future results. Nothing in this computer program/code is intended
to be a recommendation to buy or sell any stocks or futures or options or any 
tradable securities. 
All information and computer programs provided is for education and 
entertainment purpose only; accuracy and thoroughness cannot be guaranteed. 
Readers/users are solely responsible for how they use the information and for 
their results.

If you have any questions, please send email to

# This code can be backtested at Quantopian
import pandas as pd
def initialize(context):'SPY') # Define a security, SP500 ETF
    # schedule_function is an IBridgePy function, also supported by Quantopian
    # date_rules.every_day : the dailyFunc will be run on every business day
    # time_rules.market_close(minutes=1) : the time to run dailyFunc is 
    # 1 mintue before U.S. market close (15:59:00 US/Eastern time)
    schedule_function(dailyFunc, date_rule=date_rules.every_day(),

def dailyFunc(context, data):
    # dailyFunc is scheduled by schedule_function
    # It will run at 15:59:00 US/Eastern time on every business day
    # 1 mintue before U.S. market close.
    # get_datetime() is an IBridgePy fuciton to obtain IB server time 
    # Obtain historical data of SPY, 
    # daily data from the current time
    # goback to 20 days, 
    hist = data.history(, 'close', 20, '1d')

    # Calculate moving average
    # if MA(5) > MA(15), BUY SPY, 100% of current portfolio value 
    # if MA(5) < MA(15), clear the position if any

    mv_5 = hist.rolling(5).mean()[-1]            
    mv_15 =hist.rolling(15).mean()[-1]
    if mv_5>mv_15:         
        orderId=order_target_percent(, 1.0)
        # order_status_monitor is an IBridgePy function.
        # It is not supported by Quantopian
        # It is recommended to monitor the order status afer placing an order
        #order_status_monitor(orderId, target_status='Filled')
        orderId=order_target_percent(, 0.0)
        #order_status_monitor(orderId, target_status='Filled')

The backtest result from Quantopian is posted.


11 comments on “Sample code: Implementing moving average crossover strategy using IBridgePy
  1. says:


    The following message
    AttributeError: module ‘pandas’ has no attribute ‘rolling_mean’
    is displayed when running the code. Any ideas how to fix it? Thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I can show the real time price of ‘CASH,EUR,USD’ without any problem, but I got an error when I try to show the real time price of CL light sweet crude oil futures(WTI) Nov 2018 with the command line below. please let me know what the right format is for Futures, thanks a lot.

    print (“CL 201811 ask_price=”,show_real_time_price(symbol(‘FUT,CL,USD,201811′),’ask_price’))

  3. William says:

    Tried importing pandas.rolling_mean but got an error below.
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pandas.rolling_mean’
    Any idea to fix it? thanks

  4. slogger says:

    Can I use only IBridgePy & TWS without Quantopian?
    Your code, as presented, above “runs” error-free but no results.
    Is there a complete example (single script) that does say MA crossover in Spyder(3.2.8) with Anaconda36_64 including connection to kernel?

    • KM says:

      I have the same issue “Your code, as presented, above “runs” error-free but no results.”

      • IBridgePy says:

        The trading decisions are made once a day. If you run the code for a few minute, it is very likely you won’t see any meaningful results.

  5. sahil0719 says:

    I had a question what should I do if my algo gets disconnected due to some issue so all my information saved in context variables would lost what should I do if my algo gets disconnect and I reconnect all varible info is loaded again ?

    • IBridgePy says:

      If you hard-code information in context variables and run your algo again, they will show up again. If you save information to context variables during your code, you may consider to write to a csv file and read them in as needed.

  6. sahil0719 says:

    what logic should one put to detect the algo has disconnected and when
    what is in my mind keeping the iteration count of handle data and one the algo gets disconnected iteration count and then i start algo say 5 minutes later say algo got disconnected at 10:15 and i restarted algo at say 10:30 . and lets handle data is running every minute so in my variable where i was recording the handle data iterration count it would have 60 assuming market started at 9:15 and when i restarted the algo at 10:30 iteration count of handle data should have been 75 which is not so program would know the algo was disconnected and load information in context variables through CSV where I have recorded them do u think this is a good logic to loading a previous information in context variables when algo gets disconnected or can u give some suggestions

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