Manage multiple IB accounts using IBridgePy

A new feature is recently released for IBridgePy Community version. This feature will enable users who have multiple linked Interactive Brokers (IB) trading accounts to manage any one of these accounts using this community version. This feature is developed responding to high customer demands. Before this release, users receives an error message when IBridgePy receives information from multiple IB accounts. Now you can select one of many accounts and use IBridgePy Community version to manage it.

But if you are one of professional traders who manage multiple accounts frequently, IBridgePy for Multi Account is designed for you. For example, a fund manager wants to buy 100 shares of SPY, an ETF to track S&P500 index, for all of the accounts under her/his control. The code in IBridgePy will be as simple as the following:

order(symbol(“SPY”), 100, accountCode1)

order(symbol(“SPY”), 100, accountCode2)

order(symbol(“SPY”), 100, accountCode3)

For detailed implementation, please send email to


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