Raise log level to help debug

Debugging a code is frustrating. We understand it and we are here to help you. When you post debugging questions at community and send email to IBridgePy@gmail.com, please follow this guideline so that we can help you solve the issues quickly.

1. Add this to RUN_ME.py, refer to this API doc. The last few lines are critical for us to understand what happened and what caused errors.

logLevel = ‘DEBUG’

The log file is stored at IBridgePy folder/Log and the file name is TraderLog_year-month-day.txt

Sometime, you may even raise the logLevel to “NOTSET”, which will display all IBridgePy steps in the log.

2. Please tell more details about how to reproduce the bug.

3. Read this webpage and provide enough infor. http://www.ibridgepy.com/rent_a_coder/#Free_debug_service


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