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Automated Trading with IBridgePy using Interactive Brokers Platform

First time ever, the most comprehensive course on how to automate your trading strategies on Interactive Brokers platform using IBridgePy.

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The course is provided by http://www.quantinsti.com/

Section 1: Introduction to IBridgePy

Learn about IBridgePy, an API which can be used to automate trading strategies on Interactive Brokers

Section 2: Installation Steps

Learn to install and configure Python environment and IBridgePy

Section 3: Know the Basic Code Structure

Learn the syntax and functions for conducting various operations like fetching and handling data

Section 4: Learn How to Fetch Data

Learn various steps involved to correctly fetch historical and real-time data from Interactive Brokers servers into your setup

Section 5: Order Management

Learn about different types of orders and how to place them using IBridgePy

Section 6: Portfolio Management

Learn how to fetch open positions and how to exit them

Section 7: Trading Strategy Implementation

Learn to code, test and implement a trading strategy on Interactive Brokers platform using IBridgePy

Automate your trading strategies now!